Past Works of
Sue Kromenacker-Karp

This is some past works...

“She Who Brings in the New Song”

Owned by a private collector


“Kiss the Universe for Me” c. 1974
My daughter Amy, then 16, is the model.

This painting has been lost on Captiva Island Florida and I would like to know it’s whereabouts.

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Children of the Star
Tea party for Tiffany
My Quest for the Indigenous Spirit


Two murals in Arivaca, Arizona
1) The Gypsy at the LaGitana Saloon
2) "Winter Resting Place of the Creator God"
 The Baba Kivare Mountains
in the Mercantile

"The Crystal Goddess" painting
In the private collection of the model.

"Jewel's Twinned Star

Dreams and Visions
She woke among the lovely beings
and I was born a woman
woman of the 13th moon
the delight maker maker
and I was born a fool
Fools Paradise

Idols of the Deep
The Lords of Form
Neon Images & Asphalt Dreams
Betwixt and Between

and of course
I am
my most recent work

Hymn to the Muses
folio 2000

Organic Art and Personal Cursives

My Quest for the
Indigenous Spirit:

Teach your children the truth
and then
teach them never to lie
and they
will know who they are.

Indigenous teaching USA

My Earth Tribute

Journeying and
Journaling Forever