The Great Bear Chair Fable

Great Mother just had to be with The Children of the Star. It was time to meet Baby Grace, and her new sister, Kennedei, and of course, Rae Ann. Forrester was carrying the ring... the Wedding was great and  the new family and my family and all the grand children and great grand children calling me with hugs.  GrammaSue, grammaSue, grammaSue, with  enough hugs to last at least a little while.

It always started when Grand Mother caught site of the Wicker Chair when it was empty.

There are no bears there in The Great Bear Chair and Grand Mother cried and cried.
Mothers Day under the Magic Tree, May, 2002. The children of the star, it seems, are always far way in some other village or on the other side of the mountain. Time for great mother to sit under the magic tree.
Dream the dreams that mothers dream.

Three small children on a horse called Moon. Birthdays and bubbles  and a huge red balloon. Melody turned nine. and now t is spring.  Sage was home for a wee small visit tiny bye bye tears and  great grandbaby kisses Rachel nd he sweetest little red headed girl in the world  paid a Rae Ann visit in my inside sky and rainbows jumped Out from the rainy sky.

Courtney is a teen and her poem is
 "Fear Poem"
"When Someone Is All Alone"
by Cortney Kromenacker.
When a small child is  surrounded by bullies. When the sky gets black with storm clouds. When you see someone with a gun. ...And me on
a stormy night all alone in my house.

No time for crying Grand Father said. The bears have all gathered for tea. There are Black Bears and White bears, and those that go bump in the Night Bears. Some Bears are only for night. Bears to guard over your dreams. Soft cuddly Easter Bear is there in your dreams. Rabbit and the Cuddly Bear in a basket and it is looking a lot  like spring.

Santa Bear  takes a nap before or maybe after the Holiday Celebration of  Lights, when nights grow longer and darker along the Maumee River and The Great Lakes storms move across the Ohio Valley where the memory of America's Autumn of Tears . . .  nine eleven  2001 is ever present.

 Memories are built around The Bears. Sailor Bear is here and came over to visit and sat on the Great Bear Chair Elvis Bear and Bugger Share and Sugar Bear are all here. Two good buddies hat are always there are Sugar Bear and Bugger Share.

Bugger Share is not a Bear you would invite to a Tea Party as he has really really bad manners, however he was always there, playing on the floor some here with his wheel toys Playing with the Jakester, Wondering why littl girls were lways getting ready for one Tea Party after another.

Through out the years we make great memories of he times we enjoyed. A Tea Party for Tiffany was great fun. It all began in a snow storm when we were snowed in During the blizzard of 1978. We made a picnic and giggled. We had plenty of time to pretend  So we fished out the window untill we caught a Lake Erie Shark. We called all of our friends and prepared a fabulous feast.
Abbey played the flute in the garden Little Lotta Bear came home with Jay popping his cork gun on the wall. ourtney in the Flower Garden looking cute.

Remember the TeaParty we had with the frogs we invited? That was when we were waiting away the day for Nikki to be born. Grand Father sent his little white lamb out to watch over The little one, the child with the Melody In her soul. It was springtime when her mama brought home, The Nikki Bear and the two loved each other Very much, They could frolic And play all he live long day especially in the Magic Time of the Tea Party. And so it was.

Uncle Marty Bear was always there. All of the Children of the Star loved him very much and whenever or herever the children gathered this bear was there. When it came to tea parties he could not understand ll the fuss over such tiny cups.