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Frog Town Fables from the Black Swamp

June began the summer of frogs in Frog Town. One by one they began to appear. All around and everywhere great giant frogs. Rally on the River began the
summer "Reign of Frogs" in old T. Town and giant frogs are not the only thing going on. Have you checked out the Giant Red Enamel Stegosaurus that greets you in the new Sculpture Garden at the Toledo Museum?

February 22, 2001 Early reports coming out of Frog Town, indicate that thousands upon thousands of Artists and Craftsmen are beginning to migrate into the Black Swamp area from as far away as The Raisin River. Fabulous Frog Festivals are a way of life for the Troubadours and Muses, Merrymakers and Clowns that follow fellow artisans to gatherings starting right after spring. After the ice flows up river of McCarty"s Village and on the south side, as far away as Perrysburg and Maumee, Hog Creek and Wyandotte. They began to gather at the foot of the rapids Preparations for the festival are underway. The Reign of Frogs is about to begin. Five foot tall, monster frogs begin to come to life under the careful hands of the creator people. Silly Frogs and frilly frogs. Polka Dot and Purple frogs coming to life throughout every city block. Fabulous Frogs of every description were being painted and pinched powdered and puffed . ssk Holy Toledo, USA

They came from everywhere, to the Valley of the Maumee. The trail had been long in coming. Frog Town, Great Mother would always say, there is no other place like it on earth. Right out of the Black Swamp. Great Mother's People started out there. Along
the river, when the river was still a swamp. The pioneers drove telephone poles into the black mucky swampy sludge , building, always building up a kind of a road. and the people came. They came from everywhere to the Valley of the Maumee, on the River of the Cat People. Great Mother told of her father who set out from Paris France, to the great hunting and trapping and trading places in Canada, to the North.


The Winds out of his sails He sat exhausted longing for any sign of a breeze to move him. Many Moons had come up over the horizon - time - passing him by... Powerless. Weak and worn out from the long hot days... terrified now of the all too familiar nights. He must fight his Fears, he must Not allow Doubt to Destroy His Dream. Abandoned Notions of what might have been. He had come so far from his Mother Land. Stillness filled the Sky. Maddening Silence -
takes over his mind. He lay helpless His destiny Evaded Him. . . He lost consciousness.
to be continued:

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