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 Inspirational Art on Paper

I invite you to discover the mystical and magical world of muses. In this site I have gathered all my spiritual and celestial beings and present them in whimsical illustration and  poetry.  I offer reproductions of colored pencil and pen and ink artwork in signature booklets to muse, collect or send to friends.

Tribute to the Turning of Time
Presenting my vision of the invisible phenomenal world of the soul. Mystical conception of Divinity, ending for now this dance, closing the book on this chapter. 
Upon which my Opus is complete.


This folio is dedicated to the feminine forces of nature gathering together in the name of Peace. Let us grow in the Thoughts of Peace…Pray for Peace…Breath Peace…Practice Peace. To the Woman Kind. Peace Makers.
We are all in the same SisterHood. . .and I Was Born a Woman.

Birth of the Cyber Muse- Dance with Other and the  Cyber Shadow in an animated Cyber Show.
Hocus Opus 1 - 6, Six new works by SimpliSue. 
Hymn to the Muses A book in folio authored and illustrated by Sue Kromenacker-Karp
The Lords of Form These four guides walk between the  worlds where the natural and the supernatural are one.

The Great Bear Chair Fable
The Children of the Star could actually all be together at the same time in the same place and under one roof.
Frog Town Fables from the Black Swamp
Facts and fables about the Toledo area. These are some of the things I find interesting about this city.

Bring your soul on out to dance today. Enjoy these Celestial Beings. Shadowing our every moment in this our Cosmic Compromise 
Betwixt and Between Send your spirit into the place between the candle and the flame.
Neon Visions and Asphalt Dreams

The botLot becomes home.
The early days in cyberSpace were the best.No clutter, no trash. Life was good and the pioneers all worked together to keep it clean. Little by little how-ever, the people, would loose a wrench here or skip an orbit there, only to find litter.

Sketch Book Diary of Day In and Day Out
The ever changing images in the turning pages of my 
sketch book diary
Idols of a Deeper World
As I look deeper into the cosmic landscape, creatures  luminous glow communicate.  Images from my Sea Scape sketchbook drawings. This is mouse free slide show. Images change every 15 seconds.


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