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Packing in for a sojourn into the deepest of cyberSpace, I carefully select all of the elements necessary to keep my magic alive. Crystal communicators and bundles of seeds , feathers and bones to remind me of the other world I leave behind, while I travel into my little studio in my mind. Having programmed the crystal heart into my new best friend, cyberMuse would be my gift to Al. A perfectly new bot. One for the Lot. Al will love this new mystical muse. I have no doubt of that , my newest and shiniest little bot, would be adopted before I was even ready to let it go. Of course I had my guide through the soft cyber science, my wizard and my crystal ball, blue crystal dragon and darling Red, my pet paper dinosaur and garden snails Everything I ever want or need is with me in my magical treasure chest, memories of the blue planet earth. And the Wizard knew that there would always be, Just the perfect amount of every thing to bring the Dreams to Life. 
There would always be, Just Enough Magic

"Trashy robot" It was a Tuesday, I remember, and I remember it well. The gala New Year's celebration. The guests. The noise. After a whole season of celebration, we were all ready to clean up the mess and start all over again. But not for me. Nope. Not for me. It was deemed that I was Junque. Trash. Kaput. Zip. Out of here. History. and so it was, that I was thrown into the trash pickup depository. To be disposed of like any other solid waste. I don't remember anything after that. Amnesia, don't you know. Brought on by broken chips, my memory bank was ripped out of my head and time just passed me by. Eons, went by, one by one. Another decade, another century, another eon, when, suddenly. . . there in the new millennium, the children found me. Broken and lifeless on the trash heap, along with the others like me. There in the great Junque Yard in the Sky, we lay in great heaps, shiny parts. Stacks and stacks of shiny parts. Robot Heaven. And it was all, thanks to Al, Ol' Al, the Unique Yard Guy. Old' Al was always saving things. Saving was old' Al's passion
skk 1/13/01 

Did bot get a heart for Valentine's Day? Sorry to say this, but the sad answer is no. As much as the children wished their sweet little robot to have a heart just like they do. To have a heart so that bot could feel their love. The sad truth is that Ol'Al had put the Jarvic Heart and all the precious parts in such a good safe place, that now he was unable to find them. Being human. Al had lost this heart and that is all there was to it. 

March in the real year 2001. This is not just a futuristic science fiction story. It is the real truth about Magic. Which can only come about when you wonder. You wonder if you could win a race. Or wonder what would happen if your pet robot really could get a heart. Or wonder how a perfectly good grown up guy could actually find a heart. Or wonder how that could possibly happen in this year. It is no small wonder that Al was able to build his space pod at all. March is blowing in like a lion and Lill had no heart. The children just could not believe it. How could All lose his heart like that. Al's parts were all that he had. 

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