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About the Artist

Sue Kromenacker-Karp



the ages

into form

joys and sorrows


birding, shelling,
walking down
the mountain

mother, wife,
lover loving,
conceptions own
sweet daughter


twirling darling
"prenascent" being

divining foolish
feeling moment
living in the
golden mean.

Past Work


What's in a Name?

Sue Kromenacker-Karp was born in Toledo, Ohio
and was baptized Mary Lou CaJacob in 1934.  In the late 60's all things were changing in the art world, acrylic paint, pop art, and in my world ,the women's movement and a divorce.  Signing my work Kromenacker  gave my four children a name to be proud of.  In 1990 I married my beloved other, Robert Karp.

I want to be a mythologian speaking in the neon glow pulsing light into the language of the soul.

Now,  I prefer to call myself, simpliSue cyberMuse.

April Fools
You Know Who You Are

It just so happens that my cousin Carl was at a family wedding and was so happy to see me after so long that he just had to tell me about the morning I was born.  April 1, 1934.

The two sisters Beata Elva and Leona Bruhl now married were helping each other through those hard times and this time the cousins were all living with us.  My mom and her three girls and Aunt Lonie, with her four boys. 

It was early Easter Morning and the Church Bells at St. Mary's were ringing and all  of the kids were up and waiting for Uncle Marty to get home to tell my sisters and cousins  the news.  "The girls' , that is my sisters Rita and Nancy, were so excited to have a new baby to play with and no
one knew what it was yet.   Tell us the name, tell us what are we going to call it and my father said simply,   Sue.

April Fool! My mom got her special little April Fool surprise on her own birthday and knew at once what it is to be born a fool, especially The April Fool and through her own experience at being a fool, guided me through the most mischievous,  pixilated bemused childhood in magic and wonder.

My father  always gave my mother one red rose on her birthday and hand dipped chocolate so on this Easter Morning he had the sweet shop make up a
special chocolate Easter Egg with the inscription to read like this. To Mommy and Soozabella, April Fools

Delivering the Birthday Present and the Easter Egg to the hospital where mother and child were doing fine ,  from the Chapel in St. Vincent's we could all hear the nuns in  the choir singing sweetly, Hallelujah !   Hallelujah !   Hallelujah !
The first music I ever heard on earth and I have loved that song ever since.

Second Generation April Fool

 "Discoveries of any great moment in mathematics and other disciplines once they are discovered, are seen to be extremely simple and obvious and make everybody, including their discoverer, appear foolish for not having discovered them before."

"Laws of Form"

"It is all too forgotten that the Ancient symbol for the prenaissance of the world is a Fool, and that foolishness, being a divine state, is not a condition to be either proud or ashamed of."

 from: Chop Wood, Carry Water*


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