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Gramma Sue's Birthday

Bring your soul on out to dance today. Enjoy these Celestial Beings. Shadowing our every moment in this our Cosmic Compromise Have you ever had a broken soul? A soul so lonely you find your self in the closet with the door closed, in the dark, so soul forsaken that you want to carry on like a banshee? Have you ever poured your soul out to a friend and then that person betrayed your trust? Or have you ever betrayed your friend with angry jealous gossip? . . . and then wake up feeling like a lost soul? A motherless soul? A very badly bummed out soul just looking in all the wrong places in all the wrong times, just looking for, always searching - for a soul mate you could call your own? Has your soul ever dried up and disappeared? Better take this advise: Because, you just godda go through it. - You can't go under it -and - you can't go over it, - you just godda go through it. and besides which, it's only come to pass, any way. Come on, scroll with the souls


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