SimpliSue Originals
Post Armageddon Publishing Presents
The Threefold Earth Tribute Folio

I am proud to present  Earth Tribute, the availability of three prints
of  my most popular pieces in my Muse collection.

These three prints are available in two sizes:
30” x 38” Aquarelle Watercolor Paper
$300.00 Signed by the Artist, simpliSue*cyberMuse
16” x 20” Aquarelle Watercolor Paper
$100.00 Signed by the Artist, simplisue*cyberMuse

Three portals of entry into Other Worlds.

“She Who Brings Peace Through Understanding”

Glorious Muse Whirling into Being.
Rising From the Ashes of War.
Bringing Peace Through Understanding.

“Idols of a Deeper World”

Alive and Glowing in the Deep.
Pulsing Ultra Light.
Moving with the Tides.

“Mir Woman Carries Interspecies Communication.”

Mir Woman Bestows Power and Assistance to Humans.
Revered for having Magic and Healing Powers.
Mir Woman Brings us the Language of the Soul.

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